Skirmish Wargames in the Wild West



Ride 'em Cowboy!

Blaze of Glory is a miniature based, Wild West Skirmish war game. It is intended to be a fast and enjoyable game, with quick learn rules, so that both experienced wargamers and novices may get to grips with it as soon as possible. It is a quasi-historical game, aiming to capture the atmosphere of the movies and popular imagery, rather than give an accurate simulation of Wild West life (Which let's face it, must have been pretty grim)

I first wrote B.O.G in 2001 and it has been played by many gamers all over the world. It is fast and furious and even  though I say so myself it works just as well as some of the big systems that are now available, if not better. It's now 2017 and I have started on a new 40mm Wild West project,  (I sold my 28mm collection years ago) so this site is going to gradually get the overhaul I have been promising. I even have horses this time:0)

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