Cooper's Grocery & Dry Goods Store

Every western town has a Dry Goods store and Persistence is no exception. This store is the business of Albert Cooper. Part of the building is his shop, the other part is his home. This store already has some interior details, handy shop details from S&D Models.


A view through the front door of the store. Mr Cooper is in conversation with a customer. I love adding posters to models, they really help to give them a real world feel.

The back yard. Cooper has a large storage shed, and his own privy, (on the other side of the shed).

Top views from the back and front. A good view of the Chimney, wood shed and Thunderbox. The second picture shows the detail already added to the store and the lack of detail in the home. I'll get round to that someday I'm sure.

Scenery Gallery

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