The Jewel Saloon

The saloon is as important to most westerns as is a six gun. Every town should have at least one, if not more. The first saloon I made was based on the one in Crystal River in Maverick. This one is similar but completely off the top of my head. It has to have enough space inside for a good brawl. I also wanted it to make up a a corner of two main streets so it needed a large boardwalk. This model also is the first of my western buildings to be lit.


The owner of the Jewel is Al Tourette (a nod to my favourite western TV show) Here he is stood outside the main door talking to the local sheriff. You can clearly see the gas lamps that are on the boardwalk and inside there is lighting too. Gas lamps from Lemax.


The ground floor of the Jewel, the bar is bottom left, and staircase top left (this will get bannisters added at some point) The stage is at the top of the image and hides the battery pack for the external lighting. There is a small backstage/dressing room too. You can see two other doors allowing access to the back yards and alleys.


A different angle of the ground floor allowing a better view of the stage. The bar will end up with more details and I aim to make some card tables and other furniture. You can also see some posters for forthcoming attractions.

The second floor has a number of bedrooms which are available to hire by the day, week or hour. Al's room is the large one over the front door. The walkway outside the bedrooms needs its bannisters adding. I have left it possible to add another floor by adding more stairs to the wall in the bottom left of the picture. However if I do that I will need to get a bigger storage crate for it.


Both walls on the boardwalk have advertising posters for forthcoming attractions.

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