Dakota Territory Bank

The bank is always going to be a focus of action in a Wild West game, and I wanted Persistence's bank to look solid and permanent. The front opens on to a corner and has fancy windows. It was the first building in Persistence to be made of brick rather than wood.


A side view of the bank. This model uses a variety of model railway building components - the front windows and all the brick work are from railway kits. You can also clearly see the staircase leading up stairs which is the home of Perciva Goodchild, the manager.

The interior of the bank will receive a strong room an office and a front counter, eventually.


The bank shares a base with the gun store next door, that way I can create alleys and some continuity when laying out scenarios.

The James boys burst out of the bank into the street. I expect the bank to see quite a lot of action, one way or another.

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