Carter's Gun Store

Samuel Carter moved to Persistence to set up a dry goods store, but on arrival he found Cooper had beaten him to it, so he decided to specialise. He opened his gun store which has become a thriving business.


The back yard of Carter's, with its own thunderbox. The shoddy stairs to the first floor look a little rickety. I don't enjoy making the stirs, they are always so fiddly and you must find a balance between reality and playability, hence the platform half way up.

The side of the gun store. You can see the sloping roof nicely here. In the past I always made the models on their own bases and used lots of free standing walls and fences, but they always got knocked about during a game, which was frustrating. All the buildings in Persistence will be on larger bases often incorporating back yards and the like, enabling me to add greater detail.


The gun store shares a base with the bank. The base size is usually dictated by the size of the  storage crates that I use.


Although I use films and TV for a lot of source material for this game (cos I like the 'hollywood' of it all) I still want my buildings to reflect reality as much as I can. So I do actually do proper research. In this case I wanted to make sure some towns had separate gun stores, and these are a couple of late 19th C American West gun stores.

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