Mining Supplies and Boots Stores
A special model project

Most models I make are my own design, I often use real buildings as inspiration but it is rare that I actually build a real building. However for Persistence I fancied some new challenges. One of my favourite places to go with my family is DisneyLand Paris, and I (naturally) love Frontierland, so for my new project I thought it might be cool to include some of Frontierland on my tabletop. This particular project is the first of several Frontierland locations. It was good fun making this as I only really had the facade to go by, everything else is still my creation from start to finish...


Beginnings - Foam core construction my Modus Operandi for wargames terrain. Of course I didn't have actual measurements to go by and there will always be a compromise between reality and playability, so I gave the proportions and scale my best shot.

Starting to add detail using a shed load of balsa wood. Columns on the right are doll house bannister posts.

Back view: I got to make up the size of the models from the back and their internal layout. I was going for a plot feel. I like to add stairs, each shop got a set, bu they are very fiddly.

The detailing of the moulding on the outside was tricky. The central store isn't quite right poportionally speaking, but I wanted to get the correct number of batons on the front. The rounded top of the left hand store was also tricky.

All three facades complete. Balconies going on. Staring to look like the real thing now.

A nice view of the roofs and back yards, privy and out houses. I love tar and paper roofs, so quick to do. Had to have at least one shingle roof though, it has a greater sense of permanency.

Paint going on. Black undercoat, then sprayed with Austin Rover Maple paint to give a wooden base coat. Then everything else done with Citadel acrylics.

Finished paintwork, Making th hanging boot was fun. Details need to be added to bring it all to life.

Posters crates and people added. I'm quite pleased with the result.

Side by side - the middle store could have been wider, but I was restricted by the box it packs in, so I had to compromise. Still the overall effect is pretty good, even though I say so myself. 

So first 'real' building made, I will add others I am sure, possibly ones without so much busy facade details. Making the models for projects like this is always rewarding, this one doubly so.

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