Emmanuel Chapel

Every established western town would have at least on church or chapel. in larger towns there might be several which reflected the diverse bagrounds of the settlers. Last time I built a wild west town I didn't get this far, so Persistence needed a chapel. I decided to go for the iconic looking white weather boarded church. In fact my chapel is based on the one that is burned by the baddies in the recent Magnificent & movie.


To see how the chapel was made click on Building the House of God


A large model, the chapel here makes an excellent addition to the street in Persistence.


The minister meets his congregatation on the steps of the Emmanuel Chapel. The trees are from Lexmark, and give a lovely autumnal feel to the gaming board. This photo features 'dead' counters as gravestones, keep scrolling down to see improvements made to the graveyard.


The roof of course comes off for access to the inside of the model. The tower also comes apart to provide vantage points for marksmen.


Here you can see the separate grave yard I have added to the model. It has several graves, one open one for extra drama. The white pailing fecning is from Lexmark, just the right size for 40mm and far less fiddly than making my own. I have also added a bell from a budgie toy.

To see how the chapel was made click on Building the House of God

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